Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Pity" = "Pretty" in Peas.

She is decidedly a girly girl who loves to be pretty. When princess was a 3 year old she pretty much never asked to get her nails painted.. Peas has a selection of polishes to chose from. All of which meat her requirements for "pretty".

My little lady does not like pants at all, even underwear can be a debate. She likes dresses.

Our neighbor gave us some hand-me-down really really pretty dresses- that were expensive. Peas thinks they are play clothes. In her mind- the prettier- the better.

So I have photos of her using sidewalk chalk in a sleeveless red satin dress and having a fantastic time. Whats the harm? It makes her happy, she has fun, and best yet? There is the one price dry cleaners down the street.


Lindsay said...

What a sweet stage for a little girl to be in! Cute post. Visiting from the SITS sharefest.

Kmarie said...

Your blog is stunning. I love all the colours! ( Came over from SITS)

Mamarazzi said...

aww, sounds like a real peach. and what a fun mommy not sweating the small stuff.

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