A love affair

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am in love. I have been for a long time. It seems like forever really. My heart races, my pupils dilate, my breath quickens...no. come on. not that kind of love affair... really?? who has the time. Not this girl.

This is over books. Yes. Books.. the kind with spines that crack a little when you open them. The kind that have a hint of a musty aroma.

I went to the library today. It was a rare time when I only had one child with me. So I was able to go to the big peoples section as well as the kids section.

There is something romantic and magical about a library. So much brilliance in one building. The thoughts tracking the evolution of thoughts of beliefs. So much knowledge, so much history... it is humbling.

I can spend all day wandering in the library, and I almost always find a new subject that peaks my interest.

Even the children's section is awesome. I can remember many nights spent in the library. I can remember more about my childhood by remembering the books I read. The Saddle Club, The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins, The Thoroughbred Series, and more.... I can even remember being in preschool and getting WordBird books.

Yup. I am a booknerd.


knockedupfabulous said...

I can tell that you're a reader by your writing! Isn't is amazing how the small, simple things (like going to a library without making it a field trip) can totally make your day?!!
Hope you check-out some good reading material!

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