Princess is 7

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well- we survived the NICU, the newborn days, the milestones, learning to walk, learning to talk, potty training, the terrible 2's, the unbelievable 3's, siblings arrival, loss, joy, and a million other twist on the road of life. We have made it. Intact (mostly).

As she moves from little kid years, to big kid, then tween years... I have watched her personality emerge from a gregarious kid with a fabulous smile, to a two year old with a will of iron, now to a big kid learning about the world and all of its complexities.

There are somethings that I do not talk with her about. For instance- this morning she saw a photo of Casey Anthony in the paper, and she asked about it. I could not bring myself to tell her the whole story. Instead, I told her that she may have done something very wrong and now the judge, jury, and lawyers were going to figure it out. A few years ago she would have asked if Ms. Anthony would get a time out. Now she asked if she was going to prison.

But she knows a lot. She picks up on a lot. She sees the subtext in things that a lot of adults miss.

Princess is fantastic to watch as she grows. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.


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