Really? Too Honest?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The woman I wrote about in a previous post, struggling with her teenage son, started a blog. In her first and only post she discussed her feelings of desperation with her limited options.

Someone she knew read the blog and commented to her about how "desperate" she sounded and how she was blowing her response out of proportion, etc. The reader commented that the post was raw, and personal.

This all really bugged me. If you disagree with a blogger, fine. Disagree. Disagree with kindness and understanding. Especially, especially if the subject matter is emotional.

I really was proud of her for starting her blog. It is important to give a voice to feelings no matter how unpleasent they are. Especially- if they are unpleasent. It is vital to have a place to go to feel safe and just dump, just let it all go. It is also crucial to shed light on uncomfortable topics so they will no longer be stigmatized.

If the stigma is removed or at least lessened then more people may be willing to seek help for themselves or their family without fear of judgement this benefits everyone.


Heather Reese said...

You should go to Single Dad Laughing's blog and read 'A Letter to the Extremists'. It's a great post on this subject.

The Real Supermum said...

Load of crap - how the hell are we meant to cope and get the advice we need if we cant be honest. I know I am a very open and honest person and say exactly what I am feeling, why should we have to hold back in fear of judgement or upsetting others!Keep on being who you are and never feel the need to hold things back x

Paapeseed said...

Unfortunately when you're open and honest, especially for the world to see on a blog, sometimes it leaves you a vulnerable target for people who aren't as open & who get off on tearing others down. I hope that your friend isn't discouraged by the brash comments of one person.

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