Presenting: The Graduate

Friday, May 27, 2011

From preschool.

Stinky graduated from the best preschool ever on Wednesday. Despite the weather being wretched he performed with his class and sang and danced.

Honestly, there was a bit there that I did not know if we would make it to his ceremony the weather was so so terrible. But we did.

The kids entered performed a few songs, a dance, and a poem before receiving their diploma and getting to have ice cream.

I have I mentioned that this is the greatest school ever? The kids love it. Their learning is play and curiosity driven. There is outside time for the kids all of the time. There is an apple orchard and a sledding hill and just a sense of love that abounds.

Each child received a 3-ring binder filled with some of the projects that the kids did as well as photos that were snapped through the year. I will treasure that.

What makes this school so special is not state of the art anything. It is the joy, and curiosity, the genuine appreciation of G-d's gifts, and the love.

The kids are loved as they are. They are treasured and urged to follow their hearts and their curiosity.

The parents are pretty awesome too- all the parents love the kids and take an active role in the school and the kids daily lives.

I am so thrilled my family has been able to experience it. I can't wait for Peas to attend next year.


Chris said...

Oh I feel sorry for you having a graduation in the midst of all that bad weather - we had it here too.

I'm a new follower (RSS and twitter) and found you through SITS

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