Flying With A Toddler

Monday, May 30, 2011

A friend was getting married in Denver. We had to go. After much research and feeling very overwhelmed trying to get a good price on airfare, car, hotel I booked it.

The flight left at 7 am. Which meant that I had to leave my house at 4, up at 3. So reasonably, I decided to just not go to bed.

I had gotten myself all worried about making it through security: shoes off, everything, in bins etc. Getting everything back put together. It wasn't bad.

Boarding was my next concern. Getting seated and situated. Again that went pretty smoothly.

Of course I was concerned about screaming and temper tantrums etc.... However, Pixie did phenomenally. It was her first flight so I was concerned about how she would handle everything. She did remarkably well. Even though I woke her up obscenely early and she was exhausted she was very very nice.

All in all, a good flight. Now we just have to get home.


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