Class Sucked The Other Night

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yep- I never thought I would say it again. Class sucked.

A girl in my class was injured when she was learning a new trick. She broke a bone and it looked very painful.

Like the last time that someone was injured in class- we all were very worried about her and rushed to get her to the ER and followed up with nervous texts to make sure she was ok.

She will require some time off to recover- but she will recover.

Pole dancing- like most sports carries some inherent risk of injury. The incident was no one's fault, just dumb luck.

After she was injured we as a group had a hard time re-focusing. Our thoughts were on our friend not our poles. Which speaks to the sisterhood and bond that we have.

I adore the girls that I dance with. I have said before that the time at the studio is my time. My time with girls to giggle and and laugh and exercise. When a girl is missing we all miss it.. We all feed into each other and draw from the others' energy.

My friend will be missed. In the time she is recovering- I hope to get together with her for a drink or two.


Ann said...

I came over from the BBC Chicago Roll Call thread.
When you take a dance or exercise class you don't think of getting hurt. My husband & I ballroom dance and I've ached in places I didn't know I had muscles!
Hope your friend is is better quickly.

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