billy vs. hot sauce

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tonight in light of Brian's injury we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Brian and I ordered our usual and the kids got grilled chicken and fries. Billy was insisting on trying Brian's Hot wings. He was not going to give up. So we were like, 'ok, so he learns that this is too spicy'. I underestimated the man. He was terribly surprised. He truly did not like the Hot Sauce. He did not give up though. he kept asking for more...then guzzling water....then more...repeat. he was wiping his tongue off on Brian's shirt, panting, and tearing up, but he would not give up. Billy was going to beat the hot sauce.

On a side note.

When we returned from Buffalo Wild Wings, I started to water my new plants. My youngest sister instincts took over and I sprayed Brian with the hose. He ran up, grabbed the hose, and sprayed me, chasing me back to the house with water. It was hysterical. He is truly, severely injured, no??

We have a lot of fun here...


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