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Friday, July 18, 2008

Okay here goes:

Another faith thing to touch on: my sister is staunchly Catholic. I am envious of her faith. I *know* Catholicism is not for me but I wish I had her commitment to a church/temple etc.

I had a crappy day yesterday. My toe hurts, wallet was stolen...all in all a crappy day. But at the very very end of it I had some great news. A friend of mine is FINALLY bringing home their daughter from Korea. So excited for them, and I get to buy baby (or nearly one year old presents).

In the midst of re-reading Obama's The Audacity of Hope (how do I underline stuff), and have more than once been moved to tears by his commitment and his thoughts. I truly pray that he is our next president. We NEED him. Some of his beliefs are contrary to mine but his willingness for dialogue and compromise is unique and genuine. I love his statement on the Constitution that our republic is not a house to be built but a conversation to be had. He respects strict contructionalists and recognizes that in areas the Constitution is clear ie: how old a president is, but in other areas, we must use it as guidence not as an instruction manuel.

I need to go buy another copy today....I may or may not have accidentally given mine a bath


Farrah said...

What did you do to your toe?
I am SO SORRY your wallet got stolen....that sucks! I hate crappy days.
How exciting for your friend!!! I bet they have been waiting for a long time.
We need to get coffee soon... are you coming to fondue? We all need a night out! ;)

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