Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well the stress of life has again taken its toll. It is 1:30-and I just did the dishes. Dishes. at 1:30 am. By the way my husband snores.

I will say this: I had fun today. Brian annoyed the pants off me in parts of it but running through sprinklers with my kids and shrieking with delight is a heck of a lot of fun (how come kids get the corner on the market on fun things to do?) Our neighbors must think we (me) are/am looney.. with all of the shrieking. However, it is one time this week where I could put all of everything out of my head and just play. Skylar was sad that her friends did not come out and play..she kept asking for them to come and run through the hose with her.

Also I had a nice long walk. Zoe in a sling and Ali we walked a few miles on the prairie path. I brought my ipod but ended up just chatting with Zoe, listening to the quiet (and noise), praying, and drinking in every moment.


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Good! I'm glad you got in the walk! That's what helps me de-stress-exercise. And I have a feeling it would work for you too, so I'm glad you got it in. :)

Farrah said...

I am so sorry you can't sleep and are so stressed. Sounds like the walk was a way to decompress a little. I agree with April- you need to find a way to do that more often to give you room to think, to pray, to sort out all that is cluttering your head and keeping you from sleeping.
Can I help you with anything? Is there anything you can think of that would take some of the burden off your shoulders? Turn over the sod/back yard to Brian and let that be totally his job. Let your mom (or even Brian's mom) take the kids for a day so you can have some time.
I know how you feel. It is so overwhelming to have a million balls in the air and not be able to mentally keep track of them. April's idea of writing them all done is good too. That helps me keep track of all I have juggling at the same time.
And the faith thing.... we just need to get that coffee we have been trying schedule for awhile. I can't promise to have any answers but I can listen and help you sort out what you think and feel and maybe that will be a start.
Just know that you are NEVER alone in this whole motherhood thing. We all get stressed and overwhelmed and need to lean on each other to get through. So lean on me now and I will lean on you later. :)

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