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Friday, July 25, 2008

After talking with some friends about their husbands and the support they get I am again shocked at how blessed I am. Sure there are things that aggravate me, sure there are frustrations; but he is a great source of strength and support for me. Even when he is not there. He can calm me down and balance me out, and encourage me a ton. We do balance each other, he is laid back and I am hyper, he is social, and I am social, but only with people I know well.

The point of this is a response to so many husbands not being supportive of nursing/pumping. Brian is exceptionally supportive. If it were not for him I would not have even given it a try. He rubs my back, fetches snacks and water, brings me books, and is all in all great. He has taken me to the doctor for mastitis, he has bought nipple cream and gotten more than a few looks paying for it. When my pump broke he went out and bought a new one after trying to fix it. After my milk inexplicably dried up with Skylar he tracked down herbs and drugs and a pharmacy that compounds it to help me.

When Zoe is going through a growth spurt and eats ALL.THE.TIME he is the one who encourages me at three am when I want to sleep.

He washes the tubing and the parts, handles all of the storage, sets me up, and does everything except make the milk and nurse.

If more husbands were that supportive more moms would feel encouraged and nurse longer or at least try it.

So thank you hun. Thank you even though I am not good at expressing it all the time, thank you for all your support. I should appreciate you more.


Jenni O'Connor said...

This is so true. The more stories I hear about other husbands, the more I feel blessed with the one God gave me. He is truly amazing. We are blessed women! :)

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