Crisislet of Faith

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I feel like an anomaly, aside from the fact that for the life of me I cannot sleep right now. So many of my friends have a religious identity and I am searching for mine, I mean I know what religion I basically am, but the more I learn about it the less I feel like I know...make sense? Didn't think so. Everyone here belongs to a church... we don't.

I am looking for meaning in my faith, in my relationship with G-d, in my life..and coming up sorely empty.


Catherine said...

This is one of my favorite topics so if you want to talk about it, email me!

felicia said...

Little known fact: I'm a bible college grad and an ordained (non-denominational) minister.

If there is anything you want to talk about with me, I'm open to spending time together to help you find your "true north". I promise to not cram what I believe down your throat. Finding your faith should be a self-exploratory, organic experience. if you need to be forced into it, it's not right for you.

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