Old Skylar Story

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Skylar Goes Fishing...

Poor Uncle Joe. The Immortal Fish lives on. He has endured more than his share of hardship though.

One day last year Skylar was at Papa Wisconsin's house and they were discussing what they did for fun. I on more than one occasion was called to be the interpreter between Skylar-ese and English. So I was privy to a lot of the convorsation. In essence it was my dad, Papa, telling Skylar about taking the boat and Fred fishing. Skylar responded that she would LOVE to go fishing, but she was afraid fish were slippery (at which point the concept of fishing poles was explained). Somehow she got my dad to buy her a Dora fishing pole... Before they could use it we had to return to Chicago.

A few days later Skylar was playing in her room (a clue that something bad was going to happen) then came sprinting out of her room very pleased shrieking, "I fish like Papa". My thoughts turned to the integrity of the tank, was it broken? Was the water still in it?? She had caught Uncle Joe in a shoe. We returned Uncle Joe to his tank, where he cowered behind the barbie toys and bubbler.

And yet the fish LIVES


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