Tan Lines.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I got undressed and ready to take a shower the other day and in doing so I happened to see my undressed self in the mirror. . I normally avoid that like the plague. I have had three children in 4 years, nursed all of them, and somethings I doubt crunches and jogging will ever put back where they came from.

Anyway. I noticed some odd tan lines. This is not unusual for a few reasons. The kids and I are rarely in the house in the summer. It seems that we are at pools and parks daily. Tan likes would be a natural consequence of this. However, these were odd. Circles, about four inches in diameter, right below my right shoulder.

Babywearing mamas should know...they are the rings from my sling. I turned around and sure enough I have a diagonal line across my back where the fabric crosses it.


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