Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lately I have been insanely stressed. I mean to unusual proportions stressed. To be honest I am not handling so well. My usual copious milk supply is still there but I cannot let down leading to painful engorgement. Which of course leads to more stress.

Peas is teething. She is not a nice teether, she is a loud one, and her Velcro-ness has increased.
Princess is not doing anything wrong...she is just BOSSY; she wants to be in control of Stinky, and Stinky objects, strenuously, and she talks. constantly. Oh yeah, this small thing called surgery is coming up.

Ali continuously escapes.

I do not know why the need for the yard to get sodded and cleaned up is a source of stress for me but it is-maybe because the prospect of it is overwhelming.

Through this I am trying to find my way. Trying to revise the way I live my life, feed my children, and generally exist. Add that to my volunteer things (which I love, seeing babies and mommies connect and prosper is great)

Added to the pile is Brian's work. First the firefighting which scares me, his long hours, and his side job. I am frustrated.

To top it off I feel like 'my heart is floundering' to borrow a friends expression. A faith aspect of my life is missing and I need it. I want a 'center' that I can come back too when I am overwhelmed.

So what stresses you out? What Overwhelms you? What do you do about it?


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Elizabeth, I totally hear you. I often go through periods of intense stress, where all I want for a day is to be left completely alone so that I can start to deal with some of it, and that never can happen. My stress gets so great and I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. What helps me is to sit down and make a list of what I need to do, what is stressing me out. Usually when I see that list I can see that 1. getting all this stuff going and done is attainable, and 2. there is less of it than I thought. But, that's because my stress comes from things needing to get done, not from having 3 children.

On the bright side Skylar goes back to school soon, right? So that gives you a break. Is there a babysitter you can hire for a few hours to play with Billy and Skylar while you get things done or take a break? My husband always says it is worth the money if it will help my stress level, because I'll be happier and so will my kids. Or can DH take DD and DS for lunch one day he's home. It would be a nice 1-2 hour outing that would get them out so you can have down time. Do they watch movies? Can you lock them downstairs everyday for a week with a movie so you can get that hour to yourself? Equip them with lots of snack-yummy ones that they don't normally get- to intice them to watch the movie. Just some thoughts to get you to get a break. Unfortunately, it sounds like Z is going to be stuck to you, but I have a feeling that's a little easier to deal with than the 2 older ones. Good luck and call if you want to talk. (Or if you want a playdate so you can have some adult talk with another mommy)

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