Saturday, July 5, 2008

so DH had to go to the firehouse today, no big deal, work happens right?

Well the kids and I do our saturday morning routine. go to the french market get fruit, veggies, and pastries...then watch choo-choo's by the fountain and head home. On the walk home my children exhibited their wonderful listening skills...more like wonderful selective listening skills..frustration...

Phone is DH...he asked what was going on, and well I told him. He said he had to go. Okay, so I assumed he had a call.

I get home listen to the voicemails and get one from the fire chief of Skokie telling me that dh has been injured in the line of duty, is on his way to the hospital, and could I please come up to Skokie, , The time stamp on this was before the brief discussion with dh on the prarie path so I was confused . and freaked and annoyed

called dh back and asked where he was...oh he is in the ER getting fixed up... could he not have led with that?? Did I have to get the message from the chief that freaked the heck out of me and made me way to snappy at the kids?

so he is on his way home. injured. but coming home.


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Yeah, that is odd...seems to be very Brian though. How did he get injured? what exactly is injured on him?

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