Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seeing that my wonderful husband is away much of the time a large portion of the household tasks fall to me. Sometimes so much so that I feel like a single mom who gets support every 2 weeks (I do not mean this in anyway to slight single moms. I realize you ladies work harder than I could even imagine).

That said, I have certain things I *don't* do, or if I have to do them, complain about them, and the buy myself a present for doing them.

I have very little problem cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the house (kitchen, bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting), laundry, walking dogs, general household stuff. That takes a lot of time.

Until last summer I had NEVER cut grass, ever. I did it once last year and thus far once this year, I have told Brian I am too cute to cut grass. This year I was going to to have to cut the grass again, Brian was at the firehouse so I asked the neighbor to look after my herd while I cut the grass. He said he'd rather cut it. So I made him cookies. Making cookies is infinitely better than cutting grass

I have never painted aside from art class, I have never ever painted, and I do not want to start.
Which is probably why the house needs painting.

I do not take out garbage. Yuck..enough said.

I do not pick up dog poop..see above..unless we are on a walk, then I pick it up.

I do not operate power tools. I am a klutz and would find a way to injure myself.

I do not do anything that requires a ladder- see above.

I do not empty kitty litter-see comment about dog poop.

If anything MAJOR happens without fail Brian is at the firehouse, the furnace died? Brian was at the firehouse, the A/C breaks- Brian is at the firehouse. Basement floods-firehouse. Skylar flushes her underpants and floods upstairs-firehouse.

So I have a lot of companies phone numbers on speed dial. Need a plumber? see entry 4. Need an HVAC person see #5.


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