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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stinky has never been a big kid. He has always been somewhat of a fussy eater.
He is also crazy skinny. So the traditional strategy of "this is dinner, eat" makes me feel so guilty! In addition to that, sometimes, people really just do not like somethings... and there is nothing wrong with that, and forcing the issue will not do anyone any good. Why should someone be forced to eat something that they really do not like??

My parents had some what of a mixed approach. I had to try something. A "no thank you helping" and if I did not like it- fine. I also had to eat at least one meatball on Sunday (spaghetti night- which to this day I avoid if possible.) This was good- I am an adventurous eater (sometimes) but do not like the typical foods.

So my slim Stinky:

Please eat. Please eat LOTS.



Atwood-Family of 4 said...

For us, it's not really an option for Anne not to eat what I make. If I personally know it's a hard dish for her to eat and I agree with that-then one bite is fine. If I think she's just being picky (like not wanting to eat a veggie soup w/ pasta that tastes perfectly fine) then she has to eat a minimum of half of it, and depending on what else is there all of it. (Like last night, it was only soup so she had to eat all of it. if it was soup and 2 other side dishes and she ate those well then half). But the bonus is we are incredibly flexible w/ food when she is done. she can have whatever she wants, crackers, cottage cheese (her fav), sliced cheese, yogurt, cereal bar....the sky is practically the limit-as long as she eats what we tell her. I don't want to back down on this because 1. there are kids that are actually starving to death in the world so her being picky shouldn't be an option. and 2. I spend time to cook her a healthy meal and she needs to show gratitude for it. But I know i back down on other things that other moms stand up for so it's all a preference thing....

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