Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I was little I would pray for a cat or something to pet and snuggle. I prayed for a kitty like, well, lets just say I prayed for it a lot.

Typically, G*d's answer was "no", echoing my parents, but eventually I wore him down (or so I tell myself). At long last I got my kitty. Miss Meow. I could talk about how she came to be our cat or the cool cat (pun intended) that she was, but that is a different post.

Because of her I got to see kittens being born, in the living room, guess how my mom felt about that!!! But I also got to witness it and watch the babies kittens grow from itsy kittens with their eyes closed to playful rambunctious kittens as cute as on any calender.

My friend is fostering two ten day old kittens, and like all babies, they need to eat, often, so the accompany her all over- in this case to a birthday party. Where they were the hit.

Princess, Stinky, Peas, and even Pixie were enamored with the little kittens. They snuggled and ate from a bottle and were just a delight. I was thrilled to be able to have the kids see such small kittens.

They were perfect, I loved getting them to sleep on my lap- even though I got pee'd on. The babies were warm and cozy and just the cutest things ever.


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