She is growing up.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Princess is growing up. Faster than I would like.

Last year, she was getting antsy about her teeth. Her friends had begun to lose teeth last year however hers were still firmly in place not ready to go anywhere just then.

A week before Christmas she pointed out that one of her teeth was wiggly. She was extremely happy about this. Loose teeth are the one thing I cannot handle. They make my stomach turn and make me want to vomit. You know, the clammy, dizzy, ear-ringing, MUST SIT NOW feeling? That is what I feel like when I see loose teeth. So imagine the joy that showing me her tooth brought Princess. She loved sneaking up on me and showing me her tooth and then giggling riotously as I picked myself up from the floor. (Clearly she is her father's daughter).

In anticipation of the inevitable loss of the tooth I got a bag made for her that has her initial cross stitched on it. So the tooth could go in there- therefore making the tooth-fairy's much easier.

The loss occured when she was staying at B's parents overnight (I was kind of excited that I did not have to deal with it). Princess was positively gleeful. She had bridged into "big-kiddom".

B's parents saved the tooth and let the tooth fairy know that Princess would be home the following day and she could visit then. I thought this was really sweet. Loosing a first tooth, as disgusting as it may be- is a right of passage that is important.

Apparently, the tooth fairy has invested wisely, because despite the economy, because she has increased her payout substantially. Much more tan would be appropriate if the payout was only adjusted for inflation.

Of course, a few days later she lost her second tooth, this time at home.


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