But he is sooo sweet!

Monday, January 24, 2011

We have two dogs. Two really great, most of the time.

White Fang is husky version 2. She is super sweet and more intelligent than I would like to admit. She is also very very prey oriented. The cats are like moving toys to her. She harasses them as much as she can.

Yellow Dog, is not the brains of the operation. He is the sweetest dog ever, but he took the short bus to school.

Either that or he so brilliant he can act dumb and fool everyone with his dumb playing.

Yellow dog loves attention, he will come up next to you and work his head under your hand and demand to be petted. Then he will not leave you alone. Because in his brain you are now BFFs.

To give him credit though he is very very protective over our house and family. Which I truly appreciate.


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