Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My kids are active- they have a wide variety of activities under their small belts. They are always moving, always doing, always learning.

We decided to take advantage of the snowy winter and head to Chestnut Mountain, which is not really a mountain by the standards of the Rockies or Appalachians but for Midwest skiing- it is the best you can get.

Stinky and Princess were signed up for ski school...I watched the little ones while the big kids learned the art of skiing.

Here they are all ready:
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Stinky had a huge grin plastered on his face as he rode the "magic carpet" up to the top of a practically horizontal hill. Then he "zoomed" down it. He was so proud of himself.

Princess- again just caught on. Again another sport that she just 'got'.

After a bit they took the "bus" an ATV and trailer over to "Rookies Ridge" for a little more of a challenge. Stinky Loved it. He was thrilled! He was really skiing! He is just such a peanut he did not have the weight he needed so he would be going great then his skies would turn him backwards- he did not seem to mind though, he kept going and got himself turned around.

His day was completely made because of the chair lift. He thought that was the best thing ever. I could see him beaming from 100 feet away.

Princess mastered Rookies Ridge, hoped on the chair lift and went again, loving every second of it. After the lesson officially ended. Her instructor took her on "Old Man", which she apparently rocked.

The ski instructors were fantastic. They had Grant the first day and Skyler (really! this was soooooo cool!) second. The guys were super patient with the kids and so helpful. Already they are begging to go again, I think that could be arranged.

Warming up:
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coolkids said...

This is adorable! I started skiing at 4. I can't wait to take my kids!

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