Guilt issues

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have them.

Today, I talked to my mom- briefly. She asked if we had seen a little white/ivory ring type jewelry box that she put her diamond earrings in at my sister's house.

I guess my nephew gave her a new pair of earrings and she put new ones in and the diamond ones in this box- I had no idea this happened. To be honest I did not notice her earrings.

Pixie wandered into the room where this transpired during the party and closed the door behind her, my sister found her in there after I noticed she had been gone for a bit.

My guess (unsubstantiated) is that the box may have slipped into a big brown grocery type paper bag that she gave me with art projects that the kids made at her house a few weeks ago. Now I can't find the bag. I remember my mom giving me the bag, I remember noticing the art projects in the bag, but I do not remember any small white box, I also do not remember having the bag when I got home. The bag is not in my car and I have not seen it around the house.

Now,I feel awful. Because I may have lost my mothers earrings and the kids art projects. I feel terrible. Irresponsible.

Added to that, I brought my mom $50 that I owed her and I lost that too. I had that in an envelope in my bag- and I couldn't find that when she asked for it.

Clearly I am very irresponsible.
She is not accusing me of anything but I still will feel guilty for months over this.


Sarah said...

Sweetie, it's called being human. We make mistakes, lose things, say the wrong thing, forget things, etc.

Although, I do it myself, it is so important not to beat yourself up over those small things. You are a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. Never forget that.

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