Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It seems that Stinky and Peas have inherited my seasonal allergies. This royally sucks tushie.

Stinky will not take medicine. Will not. Refuses. Spits across the room or throws up. It is not just me or my poor skills in medicine giving- when we were at the ER for his febrile seizure a while ago he had to get suppositories because he spat the tylenol- you know the good tasting medicine- out. He also refused the pink bubble gum medicine for his ear infection. So successfully giving allergy medicine to him is something that I am still trying to figure out.

The point is that seeing the kids itchy-drippy-sneezey- and wheezy is really sad. I understand exactly how they feel right down to the swollen miserable eyes. Getting the two of them to take medicine even the decent tasting stuff is next to impossible-

In the fail column are:
Hiding it
Force etc....
just letting them suffer (seriously it is so pitiful it breaks my heart)

any ideas aside from moving to Phoenix?


Anonymous said...

My dogs eat medicine hidden in peanut butter. think it might work for your kids?

Mandie said...

Try prevention first! That includes sitting in air conditioning on high allergen days (make sure your filters are clean. Also, air filtering in the room would be good. Indoor acivities (like the mall play area) are good for those days. Have you checked out Monkey Joe's yet? I'd also suggest preventing other allergens (dust, for example) that may contribute to the miserable-ness during the pollen/weed countes. You can have special covers put on your pillows and mattresses for that.

For itchy eyes, give them cool wash clothes to lay on their face over their eyes. That's a really helpful alternative to medicine. Nasal sprays, too, but those are NO FUN. Fish Oil is supposed to be helpful. You can probably sneak that into food.

Good luck. My allergies are horrible, too. I'm breastfeeding, so I can't do anything for it medication-wise.

Mary said...

My baby is 30. but I think I remember putting it in a sippy cup with a small amount of milk/juice and then say "wow you were thirsty and finished that.. want some more?" good luck

Just Me said...


I have horrendous allergies as well always have. as a kid I did shots, drugs, nose sprays, cool clothes etc. I was miserable. heck there are days I still am miserable- but I can deal better than a two year old (mostly).

This year stinky's are a bit better they do not seem to be affecting his breathing as much so that is a huge relief.

Meg said...

You can have your pharmacist add flavor to the medicine (whether it is prescription or over the counter). They should have several options for you to pick from to make it taste even better for your kids. It costs like $2.oo.

felicia said...

Two ideas - make them toast with local raw honey daily. The honey is like a natural immunotherapy.

Also, dissolve some of your Allium Cepa 30c remedy in a bottle of distilled water, and add a splash of this into their juice sippies. Allium is great for allergy symptoms.

Just Me said...

I think stinky's allergies are not as severe this year largely because of the honey. He has not had to be neb'd yet! Wooohooo! maybe I can actually keep linen in the linen closet one day instead of the neb set ups!

(thanks for the honey btw) I was so sad when we used the last!

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