So Grown-Up

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was a huge day. Train ride, Taste of Chicago, American Girl Place.... Seeing Papa...but the true highlight? Library. Getting Princess her first library card.

She is official now. She is getting so grown up. How did that happen? The rules of the library are that children have to be five years old before they can get their first card.

She was thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. She carried her card with her like it was her prized possession. They also gave her a sticker to commemorate the occasion. Wow. Now to keep track of the darn thing- I give it three weeks before she loses it.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

My mom, although I will preface this with she was probably the most over protective mother ever (and I mean EVER-I was only allowed to watch PBS shows until I was 12 and I didn't listen to regular, normal radio stations til I was in 8th grade-she wouldn't let us for fear we'd hear some song that talked about sex or swore in it). Anyway, she kept ours in her wallet, which is probably a good idea. Or get her her own wallet and keep it somewhere semi-permanent so she isn't just toting it around the house on her own. Just a thought. :)

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