Learned Something

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today again we spent the day outside at the splash park....again awesome fun.

I feel so guilty though....Peas got a little pink. Just a little but I feel so guilty. I do not want this to affect her....I do not want her to get skin cancer (yes I am being dramatic).

One woman I met today has such strength and grace. One of her children had PKU..something that admittedly I know very very little about. But the time and knowledge that it appears to take to manage is overwhelming to me. Weighing food, measuring- watching to make sure nothing unmeasured unapproved..anyway she handled it like it was nothing. Knowing nutritional information in different foods...managing his condition to give him the best life possible. Now I am certain that any mother would do the same but thinking about the stress of it just makes me itchy.
So hats off to you parents who manage chronic conditions- you have amazing strength


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