It has arrived!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It is about time!!! Summer has arrived in the Chicago suburbs. Today it was in the mid/upper 80's and sunny. It was fantastic.

True to form we had to have a few bad storms to clear the way for fantastic weather. Yesterday our day started with tornado sirens and ended with a power outage. Today went much better.

So to celebrate we went to the Splash Pad in a neighboring suburb. It was less crowded that I anticipated...but we were far from the only ones there.

The kids were thrilled to go I was thrilled to take them. It is known to us as the choo choo park as the 'theme' is a train/western desert-ish stuff.

Anyway it took a bit for the older two to acclimate to the sprinklers but soon enough they were running though the water and shrieking.

Peas was more enthusiastic than I had expected. She walked up to the little fountains and very lady like- stuck her toe in- then sat down on it. She then toddled off at full tilt to play in the other fountains.

Stinky- train crazed- spent the first hour on the train pretending to drive/ride/ anything on the train. Then he was running laps/circles around the sprinklers enjoying the fun that hot days and water make.

Princess- Played on the train and shockingly-braved the buckets--- buckets that fill with water and dump on the victim.

Maybe we'll be dry tomorrow- then again maybe not- I think maybe a pool day is in order


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