Purr Threrapy

Friday, June 12, 2009

My cats. Misty and Rosie. Midnight black and calico.
Each has a very distinct personality or kitty-ality. The cuddler and the hard to get chic. Both though have been through a lot with me. college- the ending and beginning of relationships- thi birth of all three of my children.

When B and I were dating Rosie escaped when we were on the way to the hospital for the first of many trips for pre-term labor. She was gone for a month. We made signs and put them up everywhere. B searched the neighborhood. We put her litter box outside to let her smell her way home, and we set food out. No avail. We did however find MANY MANY strays in the area. I had given up. Resigned myself to missing Rosie forever. When a neighbor called. Rosie was found. She was thin and scared. She had broken her nose and cut her ear. I was so happy to have her back. I set to work immediatly at helping her gain her weight back-which I have done a little too well as now she is decidedly fluffy.

Misty has not been so traumatized but she loves attention. She sneaks up next to you and noses you or taps with her paw to request attention and a pet.

The dogs are great- happy to greet you. Happy to play- excellent clean up after meal help. But cats bring something special and unique. A quiet or purring love and support a quiet way of keeping you warm on cold nights of being just silly enough with out over doing it.

So for all of you dog lovers. I get it. I love my dogs too. No one can run like them. No one can pick me up after a long day like them but the gentle support of cats is also very important.


Just Me said...

should add a credit to my friend F for her term 'purr therapy'

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