so frustrating

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I actually thought about a post today. I mean thought it out so it would be somewhat cohesive. Sat down to write/type nada. cannot remember it at all. and now I am annoyed.

Anyway it was a busy day...lots of walking...lots of fun.

We happened to walk by a Claire's store and I casually asked if Princess wanted to get her ears pierced. She had them done when she was a a baby but for some reason we took the earrings out and they grew closed. It was more in jest than anything...because for so long she had been so opposed to getting her ears was funny to see her reaction.....this time she said yes.

Well then. B wanted the girls ears pierced when they were little. Seeing that it was more important to him to get them done that it was to me to wait I gave in and let it happen. So into Claires we went and I let her pick her earrings pink crystals in 14K gold....she then sat so bravely for her ears to be pierced. I had a harder time then she did sweating dizzy etc... (yes I am a wimp) But she is now the proud owner of earrings again.


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