A very long overdue commentary.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

May 30th was Princess's "Princess Party Spectacular"...yes I am sorry it is over due.

Somehow it was not shocking when Princess requested a princess themed party. It was more or less a forgone conclusion. I stressed and worried....would anyone come? Would people have fun? What if I ran out of things to do? I was running through the "Worst Case Scenario Playbook" for kids birthday parties in my head- it was not pretty.

So we trucked to the party store- ordered balloons, picked out decorations and favors and left the store about $150 lighter..who said kids parties were cheap?

Then to the craft store to pick up supplies for activities....again emerge substantially lighter.

The night before the party I got to decorate 50 yards of tulle, princess pictures, balloons, all sorts of royal regalia....the room was ready.

This time I remembered to bake the cake.

As the guests arrived I was a little concerned as to what to have them do while waiting for the other girls to arrive...me a planner? NEVER!

So I had them decorate their tiaras.... When the rest of the princesses arrived they made their ribbon wands--- As a note glue will not make ribbons stick to wood- knots work better.

Next was pizza and sparkling grape juice. They loved that. Pizza is a hit with the five year old crowd.

Then we played stick the slipper on Cinderella- either the girls were the best at this game ever or I may have had a few sneaky ones. Either way it was fun and the girls had a heck of a laugh.

Through this I tried to get a few pictures of the princesses--- but Stinky decided to don his dragon hat and chase the girls around- which was adorable.

Cake and ice cream came next and it was the setting for a truly royal meltdown. Princess became a princess but not the loving gracious kind the more entitled kind. One way or another she settled-after being threatened with exile or banishment.

It was just long enough. Any longer and I would have been totally overwhelmed.


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