Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What do you do when a family member (in-law) does something that deeply hurts and offends you and you feel completely alone in that?

I can't (well I could but I do not want to involve the children in the squabble but what am I to do when I alternately want to scream and yell at her or cry bitter tears?

Things have never been fantastic between us but we had reached a stasis in out-right hostility but this brings back so much resentment and hurt that part of me longs to lash out at her and hurt her (admittedly not the healthiest of solutions)

It is not like I can talk to her and explain that she hurt me and I am sad and angry...and alone. Oh so alone.

Maybe the part that hurts me the most is it is a slight not only against me but against my children and that is out of bounds not okay. What am I supposed to do?


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