dancing in the rain

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspired by a friends blog post about 'learning to dance in the rain' I was having a down day and a feeling less than optimal day however desperately sick of staring at the walls and tired of PBS we I made an executive decision to go outside and play in the rain. We did not last long...the rain was cold but it was fun it was enough lighten my mood and rinse away some of the gloom.

One of our sweet neighbor girls came out with us for a moment and mostly looked at us like we were insane, running around in pouring rain with no boots, umbrellas, rain coats, just screaming and laughing reveling in the moment of feeling alive in the joy that can be found even in the midst of a rainy day and the clean feeling that only rain can provide.

We lasted about five minutes before I got too cold. Even now Stinky is sitting beside me as I type this asking to go back out...and in a moment I will let him.

Princess again was acting like a princess- the wrong kind. the spoiled kind. She wanted a rain coat/umbrella/boots-- and she does not have them any more- and she was jealous and cried and fussed and is currently doing so in her room. I was going to order her a set but now...I think not. It is important to learn that sometimes she will not have everything that everyone else has.

Peas was confounded. Confused she ended up loving it. Puddles! Wet! Splashing! lots of fun! she liked looking at the 'dancing ladies' termed in my house...trying to catch them.

For five minutes respite it was great.


Heather said...

Was very fun. I was too cold to join you. Funny though, my girlies got into it a few minutes after you guys went back in.

Glad it was a bit of refreshment for your day. :)

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