Prayers for patience

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I pray. Sometimes it is concentrated time on my own devoting myself to engaging in G-d's love. Sometimes it is more or less 'please give me strength/guidance/patience. Please do not let me strangle my mother in law, children, etc'

One thing I have noticed is the more I pray for patience the more I am given opportunities that challenge the patience store that I have. Annoying right? Until it was pointed out that patience is a skill and to have it and get good at it sometimes practice is necessary. Practice, Practice, Practice right?? Maybe I should embrace the chances I get to learn and develop my patience.

then again maybe I should stop praying for patience


little luxury said...

I khow how you are feeling.Patience gives you another side of everything that happens.Yes I think you should stop praying and keep up practising.good luck.
regards laura

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