I have said it before

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'll say it again
I understand my children need and crave affection. I understand the best way for them to get that is via snuggling/nursing.

But enough already. I have someone touching me ALL THE TIME. Mopping the floor Peas holds on to my pants and occasionally pants-s me. Blogging Stinky sits on my lap. Using the bathroom has turned into a spectator sport. I want to be alone. Alone with out having to hide. Alone with out having to lock doors.

I want to sleep and not have Peas hold my hair or Stinky burrowing.

Princess has out grown a lot of this but still she likes a good cuddle...and it is a lot more enjoyable to snuggle with her because she is not so demanding about it.

Also- I am not a large person. My lap is only so big. There is not always room for everyone at all times. I will be more than happy to dole out attention with the understanding that it does not have to be a battle to sit on me.


Mimi said...

I was blog-hopping and stumbled upon this post.

I have felt this way SO many times, especially when my kids were very young. Then it moved onto the "get off my feet!" stage, and now we are at the "if I crack my elbow on your head one more time I might scream" stage. A common ongoing thread is "will I ever pee alone again, EVER?" Being of short stature I know what is to come..."for the love of all that is holy PLEASE stop elbowing me in the ta-ta's" stage. Of course they are all followed by a heaping dose of mommy-guilt.

Wow! I began this thinking, "hang in there blogging-mom!, this too will pass", but I guess I didn't leave much to look forward to. Sorry about that. Good luck anyway:)

Just Me said...

Don't worry! I have a five year old who loves to 'help' cook/clean etc and underfoot is a very good way to describe her--though now she is getting dexterous enough to actually help!!!

So I am in for a bit more. Oh well. At least I have that to complain about right?

Also- I am short too- short+mothering= at times challenging!

Jenni O'Connor said...

This is why my poor husband got snapped at, when he tried to reach into the shower and tickle me one day. "Leave me alone! This is the only time of day when NO ONE is touching me!" So much for foreplay...

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