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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

as you know I had pole dancing on Tuesday- the BEST night of week. Except this week.

One of the girls in my class is out with an injury from vacation, I am facing more surgery- therefore will be off for a bit, and last night another girl was injured. So three of us will be out for a while.

When the girl was injured- class stopped- obviously. Except it did not start again. After she we to the hospital we could not get back into it. I was worried about her. I was sad. She is not just a girl I dance with once a week. She is a girl whom I care about. She is my friend.

That is the thing about Tease: I feel safe there. Even when I am vulnerable; when I am scared. I am safe. I feel supported.

When one of our group is absent, I miss her chemistry in the room; her energy.

Learning that I have to have surgery and will be off for a somewhat extended period of time I was crushed. No Tuesday playtime. My class would move on without me. My friends would not be in the same class as me. I would not get to go on my journey the rest of the way with them and that saddened me- much more than the kidney issue.

Enter Kristin. Patron Saint of Pole Dancers.

I went to another class tonight to try it out (Booty Boot Camp- I loved it-but that is another post), and briefly talked with her she sees the bond that my class has with each other. That we love each other. That we carry each other. We support each other, and does not want to break that up- so she is going to teach the three of us sidelined dancers and teach us what we missed after we can dance again.

Had it not been awkward- I would have kissed her. I got all teary and weepy- all of this has been so overwhelming- having this kindness was too much.

Thank you Tease. Thank you classmates. Thank you Kristin.


Farrah said...

Are you sore today? My quads are feeling it!!!

Imperfect Mama said...

Kristin rocks. I seriously was sobbing when I thought our class would move on without us. Am going crazy without my pole sisters... can't wait to get back!

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