Simple things

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today was fantastic. Nothing bad happened. Nothing amazing.

The kids and I weeded in the garden (Sea of Mud) we picked up worms. My kids were covered in mud after a few hours outside. Then we played hose tag to clean up. I felt like a kid again. Spraying and getting sprayed. Listening to my kids shriek and giggle in the pleasure of playing in the hose.

We played in the hose until everyone was soaked and clean. Then came in and had lunch.

I hope my kids will remember me playing with them like that and not remember as much of the yellypants mama that I have been lately.

They deserve the fun mama who will run in the hose with them and laugh and play. Not the grumpy mama who hurts to move.

I want to be back to normal now, please.


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