it was quiet

Sunday, July 25, 2010

and then it wasn't.

I was consciously wondering what I would write about this week. We have been so busy enjoying summer and being out and about.

Well two days ago rain was forecast. Rain? We had 6 inches of rain overnight. The backyard was flooded. it was coming in the door in the garage and then down the stairs into the sump pump well. The back stairs looked like a waterfall. However, apparently there is a crack somewhere in the foundation so we got some seepage. Not flooding like we have had before- but enough to be annoying. I almost canceled the party. Flooding? Company? could not end well

Timing was perfect. We were planning a huge party for that day to celebrate Stinky and Princess's birthdays. A lot of people couldn't make it- it was the weekend of Country Thunder up at the lake house- a summer tradition for one side of the family.

Even more people called to cancel because they had flooded. That I understood. Despite flooding my sister made it. My brother tried to leave too early and got stuck but he called and arranged to stop by next weekend. My mother drove back in from visiting her family in Iowa through and made it.

ILs? They did not flood. They just could not deal with it and didn't come. Maybe I should not let it bother me; to be honest I am bugged by it. I am offended by it. I am offended for my kids. It is not like they had water. B's grandparents made it. His friend made it. His parents? Nope. Mother in law called B's brother and told him not to come and that she would relay the message- which she never did. Oh well. It is what it is. It can't be changed. I'll get over it.


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