Why do I miss the dog now?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I still think about Ali every day. I think about a lot of animals and people daily that I wish I could share something with. Sometimes thinking about the person makes me happy sometimes sad.

But since Fred died I have been remember how awesome he was. I was thinking about taking him to the beach the first time and swimming with him. I remember him chasing me in the water when he thought I went to far, playing in the yard, running, walking, just him. Most of all- the part I have replayed in my head over and over is when I came home from Utah. How he greeted me. He ran up the flight of stairs as fast as I had ever seen him move and smothered me in doggy love.

I have not lived with him for 10 years- but when ever I went to my parents house he always greeted me- he was always happy to see me- I was always happy to see him. Now he is not there anymore- and I miss knowing that when I call my mom I'll hear him barking- I miss knowing that when I go to visit he will beg to be petted and have his ears rubbed.

He was a good boy. We were so lucky to have him.


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