Hot day!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My kids like to get messy like any kids. Frequently, my attitude towards messes are "Bring it". I can clean- and sometimes the mess motivates me to clean- and sometimes I need that incentive.

One day recently it was crazy hot. Let me re-phrase: it has been crazy hot frequently- however one day I did something new and fun with the kids.

We took a roll of hard wood floor covering paper that people use when remodeling, and unrolled a large section in the grass, then gave the kids paints and set them and their creativity free.

I had no idea that hard wood floor covering and tempra paints could mix to make a slip and slide. The things you learn. Good thing it was hot because I stripped the kids down and hosed them off before letting them in the house.

It would have been disastrous if this took place in the house, though outside it was great fun. Even Pixie got in on the action and was thrilled to wiggle her toes and fingers in paint.


Mary said...

golly that looks like fun.. When my kids were litte 30 years ago Avon sold soap paint in roll on deodorant type containers. The kids spent forever writing on each other, the tile, the tub. It was a great invention. Then a rinse off and a quick swipe of the unwashed parts and voila... bathtime done. Your kids and play ideas are precious

Josh said...

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