'I hungry'

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I hear that many times a day. My typical reply is 'I'm not'. Even while I say that though in my head I am running through the food options for snacks- do I have anything?? What should they have?? What am I not going to have to debate about that is still reasonably healthy.

Snikiddy snacks just started offering a baked snack and asked me to try it out (I was thrilled!)They mailed me a free sample of the Baked Fries and one day when the kids were 'I hungry' I had something to go to. Ok so *I* really did not try it. My kids did- and the neighbor kids.

However- the verdict was unanimous. They loved them. When the sample was gone they were asking for more. I loved what was in them... or not in them... No HFCS, no gluten, and peanut safe. Fantastic. Something that is quick that I feel good about feeding them. I will buy them again.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Where do you buy these? How did you get them free? is there a site to sign up at?

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