I lost my hat and my sunglasses and had a kidney stone (again) but it was FUN

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The kids and dogs and I hit the road yesterday to B's families lake cottages in southern Wisconsin.

Going there is stressful for me. It just is. I feel like I am being watched and judged every moment- which is probably not the case- feelings are not logical all the time though.

The kids love it. There is a lake, a boat, a waverunner, sand, and cousins/aunts to play with- what is not to love???

This year was no exception. They are played with and entertained and run around and played with until they can hardly see straight. Yesterday, Princess went tubing (alone) and on the waverunner with her aunt. She LOVED it. However she has not spent much time being afraid of the water.

Stinky however was perfectly content to hang out in the sand and build a metropolis.

Peas always the daredevil was fearless in the water as usual. Jumping in over her head, going on the waverunner and she even went tubing! My two year old was tubing- and shrieked with glee the entire time. She would go water skiing if I would let her.

Pixie also fits in well. She is a fish just like the others. I was in the water with her and she got angry when I took her out. She wanted to stay! Kicking her feet splashing what is not to love??

The lake was perfect- just warm enough.

The sad news? I lost my favorite hat. On the waverunner it flew off of my head and when I stopped to go back for it it had sank. I looked for it for twenty minutes- to no avail- my favorite hat is gone.

Also lost were my sunglasses. I took them off and set them by the picnic table- then when I got back from the wave runner-they were gone. Very sad.

The worst was sudden onset of kidney stone pain. Intense pain. Pain that robbed my of my focus. Pain that cut through the fun.

Not a good thing. It sucked.

Despite that- I had a great time. Watching Princess tube was a blast. Swimming with the kids was fantastic. Watching them be loved and happy made me happy.


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