I just wanted to swim!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It is hot here. Not as hot as the northeast but still hot. My friend and I decided to meet with our children at the pool for a picnic. From the way the day started I should have just stayed in bed.

My kids were being kids and making me nuts (in other news today ends in 'y'). I threatened to cancel a Grammy visit in desperation. Off we went. Except I knocked over the garbage cans all over the street. After picking that up we went. Finally.

Arriving at the pool a mere half hour after anticipated our friends were thrilled to see us. We got in claimed our chairs and got settled for an afternoon at the pool. It was fantastic because we also ran into our neighbor/friend and her children.

What seemed like minutes later I felt a cramp in my foot- fantastic. Holding Pixie, Peas and I waded to shallower water where I could set Pixie and stretch my toe. Except it was not in the right place. It was off to the side. It started to throb and I walked over to my friend we conferred and determined my toe was dislocated. I got some ice and tape and relocated my toe- oww. lots of oww.

We swam and paddled some more then my kids started to whine and complain for starvation (they had not eaten in an hour). Being the mama I am, I packed food! After feeding the lunch they were still famished and clearly in danger of withering away. So I took pity on them and offered to buy them and their friends some snacks.

Then it all went to hell.

While we were eating popcorn, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and popcorn while sipping on pink lemonade the pool manager came on the loud speaker and told everyone to get out of the pool and go towards the front gate... ummmm ok. I went up and asked if we needed to leave- as usually there is a 2pm safety check- and I was told to get my kids leave our things and go to the community center. Baffled I looked at the sky thinking- well it was supposed to storm but not until later... thinking that maybe there was a weather issue.

My friends and I followed instructions. We gathered our children and went out- into a freezing cold gym. Surrounded by guards and police officers everyone at the pool was shepherded into the community center for safety. Without towels or more importantly diapers- we were cold and concerned about getting peed on.

News leaked slowly that a man with a gun in a bathing suit who wanted to end his life was in the area. Seriously- I JUST WANTED TO GO SWIMMING!

So we were in the artic gym for an hour. Thankfully, the kids were able to entertain themselves. Thank heavens that we had their friends with us and I had other adults to talk to around. The kids were able to play and the moms were able to chat. Someone brought out balls an hula hoops- it was like watching animals swarm a dead animal. Whatever- they were happy. No meltdowns.

At last a door opened. People began to head towards freedom and warm air. It was a tease. Only if you had your keys and could go to your car immediately were you allowed to leave. Well no- we did not- we did not even have towels.

Back we went.

Finally we were allowed to leave. After getting out belongings and a refund for the lunch that we left. We went home. As we were leaving we heard the police helicopter circling above and saw numerous armed officers.

We found out later that the man in question did kill himself.

Thankfully- we had our kids with us and they were not at a camp or dropped off. I can only imagine how scary that would be. We were with our children. We knew where they were. Not knowing, not being able to be with them, would have been a million times worse.

So it was frightening for all.


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