Guilt issues

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have a ton of guilt issues.

When I was little- I got Cinderella on VHS for a gift one year, I also received Peter Pan.  I kept a tally if I watched one, because I felt guilty if I was ignoring one- and afraid I would hurt its feelings (yes- I know VHS tapes have no feelings)

Time has not resolved my guilt issues- if anything they have gotten worse.  I feel guilty for everything.  Get the wrong thing at the store- guilt.  Forget something- guilt.  Feel tired and neglect laundry- guilt.

Anyone else have guilt issues?


Sandra Kohlmann said...

Guilt is a constant in my life. It overwhelms me, makes me feel inadequate, and causes lost sleep. If you learn how to get over it, please share the secret with me.

Trish said...

Me, me, me! I used to do the same thing, but with toys. I was so afraid I'd make Rainbow Bright feel like crap if I played with my Barbies too much.

And now, as an adult, so many decisions leave me feeling guilty about the choice I didn't make. Even if I know I did the right thing.

Is there any help for us?!

Just Me said...

Glad to see me and my guilt issues are in good company!

I totally felt bad about toys. I would get so upset! Clearly, this has been a life long issue.

Worry and guilt my raisons d'etre

Still looking for any kind of relief from it!

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