Melt into the pole

Friday, May 18, 2012

I have been back to pole dancing for a few weeks and things are starting to come back.

I no longer feel like I am going to kill myself on a standard invert, my shoulder mounts are there--- they need polish but they are there!

One trick that was driving me insane was the inside leg hang.  I could not get in the right spot to save my soul. It was making me so so so mad. 

 My Monday class was fantastic. I am starting to really feel invested again.  For a few weeks I didn't know if that would mean that it was time for me to find a new exercise because I was just getting too frustrated.   But as I have gotten stronger and started to get tricks back I am feeling more confident. 

This week I had a make up with Molly on Wednesday- aside from deciding that I need to take pole poise she helped me get my inside leg hang back again.  I was fighting it.  I was not allowing myself to melt into the pole and let the pole hold me.  By being too stiff I was countering what the pole was doing.  So I got it.. even better, I got the cupid. 

Always during the relaxation at the beginning I have a hard time getting my head to shut up, settling down into relaxation is always hard.  Somehow it happens with out me noticing it- next thing I know I am settled and enjoying my class.

How did I go months with out this???


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