Sometimes you just have to laugh

Monday, May 7, 2012

It was one for the record books- and not in a "we had a great time way"

I get a lot of people asking how I do it with so many kids... well I just do... really what else can you do?

Really though- I laugh. A lot. Maybe that makes me insane but- in reality- the crap that is bad- is not really that bad.  I should be and am focusing on being thankful that I have such amazing kids who can drive me batshit crazy.  I really would not have it any other way- maybe a little more sleep though.

To point- after a long day (a character builder) I was driving Pixie to the ER talking with my mom, and I realized I forgot my purse and wallet. I burst out laughing.  And that is when it hit me.  I was letting myself get so stressed out and so upset over things that in the grande scheme of things are not that big of a deal.  So I laughed (and sounded crazy).  Then laughed some more.  What else can I do? Surrender to G-d and let it happen. 
One good part of the day was making it in and out of the ER in under an hour- and not because I signed out against medical advice.

In the end the little potty was found (in a cabinet) and empty (thank heavens) I can shampoo the carpet to get the stuff out of it. The ER staff was able to get the thing out of Pixie's nose.  Everything will be okay (great even if my headache will go away).


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