When the going gets tough

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It is tough.

Generally, I try and find the humor in life.  They chaos that happens in my life is humorous- it has to be- or I would go crazy.  Sometimes though it gets to be too much.  The load becomes heavy.  The kids antics frustrating. My own issues.  My own heart.  My own stuff becomes to heavy to bear to carry on with let alone to laugh at.

The ache. The empty. The exhaustion. What is it? Why can't I remember to be thankful for what I have? Why can I not see all of the good things in my life and focus on that. 

Some wise person once told me that you need to have the bad times.  The sad times- to be able to appreciate the good times the happy ones. 

For heavens sake though- I really would appreciate a clean kitchen


Emily Cook said...

I'm blogging about this kind of thing this week too! What is it about when life gets overwhelming.. it's the messy house that drives me the most crazy!?!

this might be a good post for my messy link-up (see the blog); many moms out there can relate!

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