The trouble with boobs

Sunday, May 20, 2012

As much as guys love breasts, I have to say they are a big pain.

I almost cried when I started getting boobs.  I would have done anything to cut them right off.   As a teen with body issues and an eating disorder two lumps of fat stuck front and center on my body were certainly not welcome additions to my eating disorder party.

After getting pregnant my breasts grew to immense and disturbing proportions.

Being that I am short and have a smaller frame, large breasts make finding clothes hard.  Really hard.

It doesn't get any easier.  Now my boobs are giant and they are deflated like two bowling balls.  I am now wearing a 32 HH and the cup size is too small.  I mean really.  This should not be allowed.

The inadvertently knock things over and otherwise get in the way.  Big boobs are not fun.


DorothyP said...

Sheesh, I thought I had big boobs...I feel for you, I really do!!

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