Peace and Faith

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I have talked before about my strained relationship with G-d.

There are a lot of things I just didn't understand and taking part in services was resented and not joyful.  For a long time I just kind of assumed this was how it was supposed to be- that this was how we paid our dues to G-d for the privilege of existence.

Then fate (or G-d) intervened with the birth of LittleDude I learned some fascinating things about my family history- things that I never had any idea of- things that make parts of life make so much more sense.  It is like a puzzle that is being put together piece by piece, and with every piece the picture becomes clearer.

I also met an individual- a Rabbi- who was able to give amazing insight into the beauty of religion and faith.  Learning has always been a passion of mine- and learning to see G-d in everything, expressed in everything is joyful.

Religion/faith does not have to be something to be born- it can be something- that is to be celebrated- faith is a gift.  Learning about my faith.  My relationship with G-d is not something to be resented- if I learn to look at things through the right lens.


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