Because I Love You

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You know how parents (moms) say "because I said so" a lot? Especially when we cannot think of something else to say that essentially means 'no, and I cannot think of a better reason at the moment."

Well, enter one of my mama friends and a very wise woman. She has come up with a perfect response that is not quite so cliche: "Because I love you".


Kid "why do I have to eat my carrots?"
Mama- could either say "because I said so" which has no real meaning.... or explain the benefits of a well balanced diet or she could say "because I love you" I vote "because I love you". Honestly that is the reason. I want my kids to eat their vegetables etc because I want them to be healthy and grow strong bodies....why?? Because I love them.

Kid: "Why can I not run across the street?"
Mama: again "because I love you" is an appropriate answer- I do not want them to run across the street because I do not want them to get hit by a car or get hurt. Because-I love them.

So instead of using a cliche that means so little I should opt for a choice that makes a lot of sense and actually means something.


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