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Monday, October 12, 2009

I have no idea what to do today. Not a clue. I made the first cups of hot chocolate today for the season- it just seemed like that kind of morning. The kind of morning that a few years ago B and I would have snuggled down in bed and curled up together- then considered getting up a few hours later. These days? Stinky comes in bright (or cloudy) and early and announces it is 'Morning time'. Which means 'get out of bed mama!!!!'.

I stagger downstairs half blind, half asleep, very uncoordinated and discuss breakfast, let the dogs out, unload then re load the dishwasher. All of the trappings of typical suburban life. Less than exhilarating, but comforting in the routine.

Today- as again Chicago seems to be a little manic depressive in the weather department- it was freezing cold I started the day making hot chocolate. Which has a really comforting feeling about it. There is something unique about sitting on the sofa with your legs curled up holding a mug of hot chocolate feeling the steam on your face, smelling the aroma, and letting the thick hot liquid coat your mouth and throat.

There are a few notes to this- calling "Hot Chocolate" 'hot' intimidates the kids- so it must be referred to as 'warm chocolate'. And they very rarely sit still long enough to enjoy the multisensory experience of drinking hot chocolate.

So now that I have indulged in the sweet warm cocoa- I am back to the start- what should we do on this chilly day??


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